Higher Ed Outreach

New England

  • Harvard University FemSex Program (Fall 2006-2008)

    • Facilitated classes on gender, gender expression, and gender oppression for student-run Female Sexuality (FemSex) classes at Harvard University. (Cambridge, MA)

  • Experiential Workshop at Wellesley College's Ally Convention (April 2007)

    • Organized by Wellesley College and its Campus Wide Diversity Initiative for students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Translate facilitated the workshop Living Genders: the embodiment of Self in gender non-conforming people for more than 30 members of the Wellesley community. (Wellesley, MA)

  • Boy I Am at the Smith School of Social Work (July 2007)

    • Organized a film screening and discussion for students, faculty, staff, and administrators at the Smith School of Social Work. (Northampton, MA)

  • Queer Theory Course at UMass-Amherst (February 2008)

    • Organized the Living Genders workshop for students in a Queer Theory course at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. (Amherst, MA)

  • Brandeis University (March 2008)

    • Co-facilitated a conversation on gender and gender expression with LGBTQ student leaders at Brandeis University. The conversation was part of an ongoing workshop series between Keshet and Brandeis. (Waltham, MA)

  • Hampshire College Gender Oppression 101 Training (September 2008)

    • Facilitated conversation entitled Translating the Gender Landscape: Creating awareness and Activism on gender, gender expression, and gender oppression with students, staff and administrators. Part of the Civil Liberties & Public Policy Program's workshop series. (Amherst, MA)

  • Wellesley College Gender Oppression & Activism Dialogue (November 2008)

    • Facilitated workshop on gender, privilege and activism for 40+ students and staff. Co-organized by the Wellesley College Peace Coalition. (Wellesley, MA)

  • Clark University (2012-2015)  

    • Guest Lecturer in the Psychology department. Discussion topics: gender inclusivity and competency in gender, transgender people, and sexuality. (Worcester, MA)


  • Chatham University Monologue Performance (October 2007)

    • Organized with current students, alums and administrators to bring a weekend-long conversation about gender and gender expression to Chatham University. Highlighted by "Transitions and Transgressions: Autobiographical Monologues by Chatham Students and Alums" which explored the barriers of "otherness" within the context of racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, and socio-economic identities and their intersections with gender identity, expression, and representation of Self. Organized by Chatham's Diversity with the Dean Series. (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Bryn Mawr College (August 2008)

    • Facilitated workshops for 40+ residential life student leaders on gender and gender expression, with break-out sessions to develop best-practices for community-determined concerns. Facilitated workshop for health center counselors on concerns specific to trans and/or gender nonconforming individuals. (Bryn Mawr, PA)

  • Swarthmore College Gender Oppression Conversation (October 2008)

    • Facilitated a two-hour workshop on gender, gender expression, and gender oppression for students as part of Swarthmore's LGBTQ Week. (Swarthmore, PA)


Community Outreach

  • Toilet Training Film Screening & Discussion

    • Organized and co-sponsored a film screening of Toilet Training at Fisher College for over 60 participants, ranging in age from 15 to 58. (Boston, MA)

  • Jewish Organizing Initiative (JOI) Fellows Training (June 2007)

    • Facilitated a two-hour class on gender identity and expression. This class included the Living Genders workshop and breakout groups to discuss how to create sustainable change within participants' respective organizations. (Boston, MA)

  • Boy I Am at the Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival (May 2007)

    • Film screening and discussion co-presented by Translate with GenderCrash and the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. (Boston, MA)

  • Keshet Safe Schools Liaison Training (February 2008)

    • Co-facilitated an hour-long workshop for Keshet's Massachusetts Jewish Safe Schools and Supportive Communities Network liaisons on how to create accountable spaces in Jewish communities for various genders and expressions. (Jamaica Plain, MA)

  • Out Now Springfield (February 2008)

    • Conversation with youth activists dedicated to the support, safety, understanding and acceptance, equality and liberation for the LGBTTSQQIA community – at home, in schools and throughout society. (Springfield, MA)

  • Centre Church (UCC) LGBTQ Film Night (May 2008)

    • Facilitated dialogue with members of Centre Church (United Church of Christ) on gender oppression. Tools included the film Call Me Malcolm and the Living Genders: the embodiment of Self in gender nonconforming people workshop. (Lynnfield, MA)

  • Belmont Universalist Unitarian Church (March 2016)

    • Offered an open-to-the-community training on transcending gender. (Belmont, MA)