Gender Affirming Psychotherapy


Individual therapy

Translate Gender provides individual, couple, polyship and family therapy focused on supporting and affirming gender complexity in all people. Translate Gender therapists utilizes a transfeminist therapeutic approach in working with LGBTQ adolescents, individuals, and families. Our practice extends to working with couples, polyamorous relationships, BDSM relationships, as well as, working with those in alternative family structures.


Current Individual Therapists:


Group therapy

Translate Gender Family Group

The Translate Gender Family Group is a place for parents and family members of nonbinary and trans children to come together and share successes, experiences, and challenges in the struggle to create a gender-affirming environment for their children, both at home and in communities. This group is designed to aid caregivers in creating larger networks of supports and resources, and welcomes caregivers and family members of children ages 3 - 17. This group is an open-ended family therapy group that includes all members of trans families (caregivers/parents, trans/nonbinary children, their siblings, grandparents and extended community).

Translate Gender Couples Group

The Translate Gender Couples group is a closed group for trans and gender nonconforming people and their partners. The group meets with the couples all together one month and then in the following month the partners split into two groups: the trans/gnc individuals meet one night and their partners meet separately on a different night. Meeting using this structure allows for more dialogic and expansive exploration of new territory related to relationship, transition, family and anything that might be salient in the lives of the couples.

For more information, please email Shannon Sennott.