the inclusion initiative


The Inclusion Initiative originated in 2006 as a project developed by co-founder Shannon Sennott while attending the Smith School for Social Work. Shannon became aware that no women's college offered anti-discrimination rights or protective policies for trans and/or gender non-conforming individuals either currently attending or wanting to attend a women's college. Translate's Inclusion Initiative has created a training curriculum that engages practical, theoretical and therapeutic approaches to mediation between students and administrators/faculty/staff. The curriculum is developed to relieve trans and/or gender non-conforming students of their roles as primary educators, allowing them to focus on academics and personal growth; however, current students are encouraged to work with Translate to run workshops for their schools.

The Inclusion Initiative offers schools supportive frameworks, workshops and individually-tailored policy guidelines for creating an accountable campus environment for trans and/or gender non-conforming individuals. Critical to the philosophy of The Inclusion Initiative is the invitation for conversations about trans(gender) experiences as they parallel the experience of going to a women's college, and exploring how these experiences may be separate knowledge(s) but are not separate from one another.

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