Current Members

Shannon Sennott (she/her)LICSW, is a sex educator, gender justice activist, and a LGBTQAI family therapist who was clinically trained at the Smith School for Social Work and the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society in New York City. She currently resides and practices in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, however, she lived in New York City for over a decade and during that time co-founded the advocacy and education organization, Translate Gender, Inc. Shannon has a broad range of expertise having completed clinical trainings in anxiety disorders, depressive and mood disorders, dual diagnosis, sexuality and gender identity concerns, grief and loss, and trauma.

Shannon utilizes a transfeminist therapeutic approach in working with differently gendered adolescents, individuals, and trans families. Her interests extend to working with couples, polyamorous relationships (polyships), and groups, and she especially enjoys working with those in alternative family structures. Her clinical orientation is influenced by both the narrative and the open dialogue traditions, and she is currently a senior clinical associate of the Institute for Dialogic Practice, founded by Mary Olson, in Northampton, Ma. In addition to her private practice at Translate Gender, Inc. she works with the Gender and Family Project at the Ackerman Institute and at the group practice, Northampton Sex Therapy Associates. Shannon's published paper in Women and Therapy Journal, introduces her transfeminist therapeutic approach, Gender Disorder as Gender Oppression: A Transfeminist Approach to Rethinking the Pathologization of Gender Non-Conformity.    

Davis Chandler (they/them), LICSW, graduated from Smith College School for Social Work in 2011. They relocated to the Pioneer Valley from San Francisco, CA. Davis currently works at Windhorse Integrative Mental Health in Northampton working with adults experiencing extreme states of mind and/or major life disruptions. Prior they worked as a family therapist with children and their families in a community mental health setting. They specialize in working with gender non-conforming, queer, and trans children, adolescents, and adults. They are the co-director of Translate Gender, Inc. and currently co-lead two therapy in Northampton, one for trans and gender nonconforming young people and their families and the other for trans and gender nonconforming adults and their partners. They also maintain a private practice with the Center for Psychotherapy and Social Justice. Davis self-identifies as queer and nonbinary/trans.

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Ellie Lipton (she/her & they/them) is a therapist trained at the Smith College School for Social Work. Ellie has been working as a therapist for the past 4 years, and graduated from formal training in 2018. Ellie works with individuals (kids, teens, & adults), couples + polyships, and families. Ellie's work is informed by psychodyanmic theories, relational practice, queer theory, critical race theory, and strengths based approaches. Reaching out for support can be hard, and talking about painful feelings and experiences can be scary. Ellie works collaboratively with each client to fit their unique needs, strengths, and challenges. 

Think about children's lit, libraries, teen and adult partnerships, changing the criminal (in)justice system, celebrating our identities and our differences and our families, reveling in our genders, and building new ways of being together.  This is the work that Lani Blechman (she/her) loves to do.  Lani is the librarian at Leverett Elementary School.  She is a social justice organizer.  She is a facilitator of Translate Gender's family group and a gender inclusion trainer focusing on making schools and libraries supportive for trans, gender nonconforming, and non binary people.  Lani self-identifies as a white, queer woman, and she is passionate about anti-racism, organizing library collections, trans inclusion, and the positive change that you want to make, instigate, and create. Lani hold a Masters of Library Science from Simmons College, and she has been trained as an Intergroup Dialogue facilitator.

Alex (they/them) is a queer bookkeeper, business-owner, farmer and community organizer/educator living in Brattleboro, VT. They currently spend their time running Open Bookkeeping, a small bookkeeping and finance business focused on alternatives to capitalism. Alex is also a co-founder of The Root Social Justice Center, a physically and financially accessible racial justice-focused community space in Brattleboro. Alex is passionate about democratic finances, racial and economic justice and building resilient rural queer communities. They love swimming in the summer, knitting in the winter and hanging out with queer teenagers always.

Past Members

Caedyn Busche (they/them) was the Translate Gender Summer 2016 intern while they were a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College. They double major in Psychology and Gender Studies with an emphasis on Human Sexuality, and are pursuing a Five College Certificate in Queer and Sexuality Studies. Their social justice passions lie within LGBTQIAP+ rights, disability rights, animal rights, anti-racism, full-frontal feminism, and combatting fatphobia. When they're not trying to save the world with the help of their partner and their ball python, they enjoy hiking, knitting, anything witchy, creating art, Tumblr-ing, and playing Pokemon Go at 3am. 

Tones Smith (he/him), LICSW, is a therapist in Northampton MA currently working with high school students in special education through the Collaborative for Educational Services.  He is committed to social justice and anti racism work in both his personal and professional life, and continues to write curriculum in order to bring social justice education into schools through social and emotional learning.  He serves on an anti-racism task force and student handbook committee in order to identify and address systemic racism in educational practices. Tones is a multi instrumentalist and has a deep appreciation for the natural world.  He spends his free time playing music and exploring.  

Sarrin List (she/her) lives in Boston and works as a nurse in community health care. As one of the original collective members and trainers of Translate, Sarrin focused on building language and policy that was inclusive of all women while also recognizing gender fluidity. Since Translate Gender, Sarrin has been concentrating on resource access and bettering health outcomes for refugees, immigrants and low-income residents of Massachusetts. Sarrin continues to have the opportunity to work with young people and their families around gender and sexuality in a healthcare role. Additionally, Sarrin is working towards becoming a family nurse practitioner with specific training in endocrinology. Sarrin has a B.A. from Smith College and a nursing degree from University of Massachusetts Medical School. Sarrin enjoys hiking, playing sports, spending time with family and more hiking.